No. 1 Will You Play With Me?
No. 2 Do You Know What I’m Talkin’ About?
No. 3 I Wish I Were Six
No. 4 None of Your Business
No. 5 Can I Stay Up Late?
No. 6 You Never Play with Me
No. 7 That Guy Has Fancy Pockets
NO. 8 Hashtag Duh
No. 9 I Wish Today Were My Party
10. How Many Days Until Christmas?
No. 11 I Am Angry About This
No. 12 Ross Geller Has a Perfect Face
No. 13 I’m a Little Hungry for Something Halloweenish?
No. 14 I Wish My Name Were Like a Shape
No. 15 I Picked a Booger and Wiped It On Your Couch
No. 16 Let’s Go See the ‘Mingo’s!
No. 17 Shittle Skittle That Rhymes!
No. 18 Mum Mum Mum Mum
No. 19 BFF Forever!
20. ALEXA Play Bon Jovi!
21. Sorry ‘Bout That
No. 22 I’m Totally Sad
No. 23 Your Boobs Look Happy!
No. 24 Here It Comes! Science!
No. 25 Oh My Em God
No. 26 Can You Play Love Shat?
No. 27 Oh! I Smell Like a Candy Bar!
No. 28 I Wish Freddie Mercury Were Still Alive
No. 29 Poopy Shit
No. 30 I Love You Sooooo Much!
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